2018 Midterm Platform

Conservative Party USA                                                      2018 Platform & Positions:

“The CP-USA platform approved almost ten years ago was recently edited to better reflect it in 2018 terms, and is presented here as the 2018 Platform”  Sam Gallo Chmn. Emeritus 

  • While we admire President Trump’s veracity and willingness to confront his naysayer’s when all previous right leaning and GOP registered POTUS’ have chosen otherwise with ONE exception. The Conservative Party USA feels it detracts greatly from his numerous accomplishments in only 15 months as of this writing, while fighting EVERONE including ALL media minus a few honest outlets:
  • They include: pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, imposing steel and aluminum tariffs on China, attempting to build the wall on the southern border, scrapping DACA, rejecting Trans-gender’s for the military, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, honoring his commitment to regulatory reform by removing 2 to every 1 implemented, Tax reform both corporate and personal which has increased consumer confidence and unleashed the U.S. economy fostering economic growth more than double that of Barack Obama and his secular progressive socialist economic policies of wealth redistribution through regulatory strangulation.

It’s called Free Market Capitalism not all the other lies (such as “trickle down”) used to describe it and it is why we are the MOST PROSPORIOUS NATION IN HISTORY!

  • The Conservative Party USA UNEQUIVOCALLY Rejects the Latest Republican Spending Bill:

The latest bill blows a trillion dollar hole in the GOP budget which follows the big tax cut they passed two months ago that will add a trillion to the National Debt.  Republicans control both Chambers of Congress and the White House yet they spend more than any collection of Democrats in history. The GOP has lost ANY claims that they are fiscally responsible.

Trump broke his promise to balance the budget.

  • Immigration:

Either build the wall or secure the border in some other fashion.The border could be secured by fences, drones and electronic surveillance methods.

Under no circumstances should illegal immigrants (They are NOT “Undocumented Immigrants”– immigrants come here for the “freedom” not the “freebies”) be granted a path to citizenship.    No Country remains Sovereign without borders or by allowing an invading force beyond its borders.

DACA:  We do not support a path to citizenship for DACA recipients unless such recipients first make restitution for all welfare, education and social services which have been pilfered, as well as punitive damages for such crimes. Depending on the extent of the crimes they still may be subject to deportation.

Sanctuary Areas:  We completely support state’s rights on all matters not specifically assigned to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution. However, immigration policy is clearly assigned to the executive branch of the federal government in the constitution. While this moves through the courts we support interim legislation which would allow any person (constituents and non-constituents) and jurisdictions to file suit against the Sanctuary City and it leadership for any crimes committed in another jurisdiction by illegal aliens residing in the sanctuary jurisdiction. This would also remove the immunity of elected officials in Sanctuary Cities to be personally sued by victims of crimes committed by illegal border crossers both in and out of their jurisdictions.

In addition, many states allow illegal aliens to vote and to hold office, either directly or via ineffective policy of failing to ascertaining a person’s citizenship. These states would not be allowed to participate in nationwide federal elections.

Our elections must be secured and ONLY citizens allowed to vote!

  • Big Government: Government is most effective when closest to those being governed. The founders recognized this and for that reason assigned only very limited powers and delegated the rest to the states. Notwithstanding this stipulation, the federal government has clearly expanded far-beyond its limited powers. We need a return to a federal government that corresponds to the constitutional design as intended.

President Trump identified 18 agency’s whose mission and purpose were duplicative efforts that wasted BILLIONS of dollars annually that were slated for disbanding that the K street lobbyist’s along with their big government progressives in both parties not only funded but funded to the tune of an average budget increase of over 10%.

Some agencies (NOT MILITARY) received over 40% increases!

We are currently at 22 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, that is 2,200 billion dollars and despite the lies the “elected leaders” of both houses and both parties, that is now 128% of the GDP and Un- sustainable!

We must reduce the size of the federal leviathan by 10% per year until it reflects the size in proportion to our population as it did just 50 years ago.

  • Government Corruption: As a nation, it appears that we have become very tolerant of government corruption. This is detrimental to the nation and is a chronic condition which just seems to become worse. Government officials are frequently caught in serious lies; Obama, Clapper, Smart, Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Lerner, Brennan, Strozk, Page, and the list goes on and on.

The recent news of the Sexual Predator “Slush Fund” paying off the victim of sexual harassment by both parties elected officials.

The blatant criminal behavior of the Democrat party and its operatives in both elected and government positions is prosecutable under the RICO statutes.


As a matter of fact they either retire with full benefits or are hidden in different jobs still maintaining employment on our tax $$$ within the federal government!

We believe that no one is above the law.


Lady Justice wears a blindfold, hold scales in her left hand and a sword in her right for that reason; it is to constantly and blatantly reaffirm that NO ONE is above the law and that ALL are equal before the law. We are either a Nation of Laws or we are some third world banana republic, there is NO in between!


  • Marriage is between one adult male and one adult female.

There are only two genders. We the people didn’t design our universe. Our Founders recognized this and although our Founders didn’t use God, they used creator. We were designed. Women are the vessels of life, while men are the protectors, providers, and the seed of life. We need to get back to our designed purpose.

Abortion: Is murder, it is our sincerest belief that a gender correct society coupled with a well formed and educated traditional family will reduce abortion greatly. But it still deprives the first and primary right granted by all of our governing documents, the Right to LIFE!

The second paragraph to the Declaration of Independence the document that we declared our Freedoms with states:

”We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these Rights are LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS”! Life is first for a blatantly obvious reason: the others do NOT exist without the first. Killing is a violation of canonical law and established law and Abortion is killing! The left argues that abortion is not murder using semantics but the 10 Commandments say “Thou shalt not KILL” not thou shalt not murder. Almost 60 MILLION lives have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade!

Who defends the innocent?