State Issues

2016 Ballot Analysis on  Amendments to the Florida state Constitution: 

No. 1 Rights for Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice.

Analysis: This is an unnecessary addition to the state constitution whose primary function should be the definition of Floridians Inalienable Rights and limit the states regulatory authority. The amendment is worded to create this new right of Floridians to not be penalized for solar subsidizing which we do support, adding it to the state constitution for such a narrow and specific infringement by some municipalities is not the intent of the amendment process. This would be better served by local governments on a regional basis.

Transitory amendments to the state constitution only further empowers the state regulatory authority and further empowers the judicial branch for final interpretation when this becomes disputed and it will. NO

No.2 Use of Medical Marijuana ver.2.0:

Please see the analysis from 2014 attempt below, nothing has changed. NO

No.3 Tax Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled First Responders:

Analysis: While this party and most Americans and all Conservatives support the men and women who protect and defend us daily it is once again a question of adding an amendment when a local, city, county, rule or regulation would better serve in its place. The reason we continue to see more and more of these attempts to change the constitution is the liberals want to prove their argument that it is a living breathing document that should be considered as such. That it should only be regarded as a document of the time and for the time it was created, both in Florida and in Washington D.C.. This is NOT the view of the majority of the citizenry of this state or this nation yet and the Conservative Party U.S.A. does not support that view. PERIOD. No

No.5 Homestead Tax Exemption for Certain Senior, Low -Income, Long -Term Residents; Determination of Just Value:

Analysis: It is a proposal to amend the State Constitution a power they already possess. NO

2016 Justice of the Florida Supreme Court: 

Many party members have inquired into the 3 justices that are up for retention. All 3 justices were appointed by Charlie Crist and all 3 have voted against the will of the people and demonstrated their liberal ideology from the bench. The Conservative Party of Florida supports their being denied retention by voting NO and giving Gov. Scott the opportunity to appoint new justices who will support and defend Floridians and their rights not attempt to determine them as the current justices have.



2014 Ballot Analysis on  Amendments to the Florida state Constitution: 

No.1 Constitutional Amendment for Water and Land Conservation-Dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands.

Analysis: Amendment 1 would redirect funds from needed programs into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund by dedicating 33 percent of net revenues from the existing excise tax on documents for 20 years.

According to the Department of Revenue, throughout the next 20 years, the amendment would siphon off approximately $19 billion from dedicated trust funds…. This amendment would tie the hands of the Florida Legislature in the event of a future downturn in the economy and is not a responsible or effective way of protecting Florida’s environmental resources.

Amendment 1 forces Florida taxpayers to arbitrarily give the government control over more land than the state has the ability to manage and protect from invasive species. This amendment would also encourage other special interests to try to get their funding placed in the Constitution, potentially harming our elected state leaders’ ability to govern in a fiscally responsible way. NO!

No.2 Constitutional Amendment for the use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions

First, the amendment plays too fast and loose with the conditions a patient must have to get a doctor’s approval for medical marijuana. Cancer, glaucoma, HIV or multiple sclerosis are among the eight diseases that are specifically listed as debilitating diseases that qualify. But the amendment also allows doctors to recommend marijuana use for “other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.” That leaves a gaping loophole for even well-meaning doctors to exploit. Other states that have legalized medical marijuana have a closed list of treatable conditions and require approval by a state agency such as the health department to make additions.

Second, the amendment fails to set strict limits on caregivers’ qualifications. The amendment only requires that caregivers be 21 years old to obtain and dispense medical marijuana for a qualifying patient. This opens the door for abuse by caregivers with dishonest intentions.

Finally, the amendment would give civil and criminal immunity to qualifying patients, caregivers, physicians and marijuana treatment centers and their employees. There is disagreement in the legal community about exactly what this means. Supporters say it simply allows the entities to possess medical marijuana without penalty and that all parties would still be liable for misuse. Opponents argue that the amendment provides a broad license to be above the law.

And there is already a new law on the books to take effect Jan.02,2015:

The “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act” will severely limit marijuana sales, keeping them well below those in Colorado and Washington state, where recreational marijuana has been legalized.

The Florida law allows use of the drug for people suffering from epilepsy, cancer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The Charlotte’s Web substance is not for smoking and is specially cultivated to be very low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the element that gets users high.

“I’m thankful. When we began the legislative session, I did not feel the governor would support any marijuana legislation,” said state Representative Katie Edwards, a South Florida Democrat who co-sponsored the legislation.

Edwards joined forces with Republican state Representative Matt Gaetz to back the bill despite being on opposite sides of the medical marijuana debate. Edwards supports broader use of medical marijuana, while Gaetz is opposed.

Gaetz said “Charlotte’s Web,” an oil extract placed under the tongue, is not a step toward marijuana legalization.

After Jan. 1, 2015, doctors will be allowed to prescribe low-THC marijuana treatment for state residents with epilepsy, cancer and afflictions causing “seizures or severe and persistent muscle spasms.”

The bill also appropriates $1 million for medical research in medical uses of marijuana.

Florida is estimated to have 125,000 epilepsy sufferers.

Other practical issues about medical marijuana, including zoning concerns related to where patients can smoke it or the location of dispensaries. Those are legitimate concerns that have been successfully addressed in other states, usually by tweaking laws until legislators got it just right. But a constitutional amendment cannot be changed without another vote by Floridians, and the Department of Health and state lawmakers may not have enough discretion to fill in the blanks or make adjustments.

A new law already exists that has not even been given the chance to  see its efficacy in providing medical relief to the Floridians in medical need. This is a Trojan horse to mobilize the progressive liberal base to the voter booth in an off year election where they are facing serious repercussions for their failed records and to try and unseat a successful governor in Florida. Why would the majority fundraiser and campaign adviser and employer of Charlie (2 faced) Crist be behind the initiative and the original petition creator!

Do Not Be FOOLED!           NO!

No.3 Amendment to allow Prospective Appointments to Certain Judicial Vacancies

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution requiring the Governor to prospectively fill vacancies in a judicial office to which election for retention applies resulting from the justice’s or judge’s reaching the mandatory retirement age or failure
to qualify for a retention election; and allowing prospective appointments if a justice or judge is not retained at an election.
Currently, the Governor may not fill an expected vacancy until the current justice’s or judge’s term expires.

This clarification on judicial appointments can only be accomplished by constitutional amendment. Currently, a justice’s term of office runs concurrent to the governors. Amendment 3 solves the question of who appoints these vacancies if there is a change of governors at the conclusion of the justice’s term.

Clarifies existing constitutional language to specify that the outgoing governor appoints incoming Florida Supreme Court Justices and district court of appeal judges if a vacancy occurs at the same time as the outgoing governor’s term ends.

Cannot be solved through legislation and must be passed as a constitutional amendment.
Prevents the possibility of legal challenges and confusion when governors change and judicial vacancies occur.

This amendment has understated ramifications in allowing a Governor who is leaving office to appoint State Supreme Court Judges even when those judges are nominated by the State Senate nominating committee  from a pool of judicial nominees. This amendment was supported straight down party lines when proposed this year.  This could be Pandora’s box in future elections and could end up being short sighted in its long term effect.            No Position Taken



Conservative Party Cost Cutting Road Map for Congress


STOP BASE LINE BUDGETING: This pernicious accounting gimmick requiresbudgets to automatically increase by 10% every year. The net effect is that even if Congress “cuts” a program by 4%, for example, actual spending still increases by 6%. The “cut” is an illusion while the increase is real. It will be impossible to make meaningful budget reforms until this institutional deception is expunged.

STOP EARMARKING: Stop Congressional Earmarks immediately. While small in comparison to the general budget, this “legal” form of back-room corruption and pork is symptomatic of the culture of entitlement at the heart our fiscal problems. Congress should not bribe their constituents with tax payer money to get re-elected.

CUT CONGRESSIONAL PAY: Reduce congressional salaries, expense accounts and operating budgets by 10%. Freeze salaries and operations budgets at that reduced level for five years.  Average Americans have endured a long list of hardships due to Congressional incompetence and corruption. Now it’s time for Congress to tighten its belt.

CUT FEDERAL EMPLOYEE PAY: Except for uniformed armed forces personnel, reduce salaries for ALL federal employees and contractors by 5% in 2012 and cut them an additional 5% in 2013.  Freeze all salaries at 2013 levels until 2016.

FREEZE FEDERAL HIRING: Freeze civilian staffing levels for all federal agencies. Reduce staffing (including contractors) for all departments & agencies to December 2009 levels; retain those cuts for five years. Federal Government hiring has increased 35% in the past three years.

CUT OPERATING BUDGETS: Except for DOD, CIA and DHLS, reduce the operating budget for all federal departments & agencies by 10%; retain that cut for five years.  Freeze DOD, CIA and DHLS budgets at 2010 levels for the next five years.

CUT DEPT OF EDUCATION: Reduce DOE’s budget and staff by 15% every year for the next five years. This highly inefficient and bloated bureaucracy has a staff exceeding 4,200 and a $137B annual budget. It has contributed little to educating America’s children as evidenced by declining test scores and high drop-out rates.  Let the states manage education.

CUT FOREIGN AID – NOW: Reduce Foreign Aid by 20% in 2012 and by 10% in each of the next four years. Cut our U.N. annual contributions by 20%. The President and the State Department can decide which countries get reduced aid. America can’t afford to support all these third-world countries, many of whom actually hate us.

DEFUND AND REPEAL OBAMACARE: Defund key enforcement provisions of “ObamaCare”. This includes withholding funds for the 120 new Departments required by this Bill and the hiring of thousands of IRS agents needed to enforce its Mandate. Withhold those funds until there are enough votes in Congress to enact a full repeal and to override a Presidential veto.  Start fresh with a new Bill.

MODIFY SOCIAL SECURITY: Impose means testing for people with net worth exceeding $5M or annual disposable income of $500K; increase the eligibility age from 65 to 67.

FIX MEDICARE AND MEDICADE:  While very popular, these programs are bankrupting America in their current configuration.  Their top-line spending must be cut across the board by 2% every year for the next 10 years (with NO adjustment for inflation) to ensure they’ll be available for our children.

STOP BAILOUTS: Bailing out failing companies makes no more sense today than it would have made in 1900 to bail out buggy manufacturers. Such bailouts have slowed the evolution of entirely new technologies, industries, retarded economic recovery and slowed job growth.  Solyndra and other failed “green” companies are examples of crony capitalism at taxpayer expense, not sound fiscal policy.

ELIMINATE FUNDING FOR ARTS: In these dire times, America can ill afford to spend money on the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA), the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). These programs cost more than $200M annually and must be phased out completely within five years.