A Couple Points About Virginia

JUST IN: Soros Transfers $18 BILLION Into Left-Wing Nonprofits As Fight Rages On

Subpoena? Ha, ha, ha, the FBI laughs at your puny subpoena, Congress!

FBI wiretap on Manafort in 2016 can only mean that almost the entire Trump campaign was bugged by Obama

Religious Tests for Public Office Are Unacceptable. Period.


The The Rise Of The Deep State: How They Got Their Power To Manipulate For Ultimate Control

Suicide of the Republican Party


A Global Warming Surprise

Revealed! Hundreds of George Soros Owned Organizations Which Impact Your Daily Life

How a GOP Congress Quietly Imposed Common Core on the Entire Country

Dysfunction at DC Veterans Medical Center Shows Rot in Federal Workforce

A Constitutional Amendment That Would Drain the Swamp


The Soros-Obama Axis of Chaos

How did Susan Rice know which Trump campaign and transition surveillance intercepts to unmask?

Finch: Is the Fall Inevitable? We need to fight as if this is the last day.

Obama Must Testify

Democrats have found the Constitution!

Debate on Obamacare Repeal Centers on Medicaid. Here’s How States That Expanded It Are Doing.

Obama’s Treasonous Shadow Exposed

Is the American Elite Really Elite?

Virgil: Deep State Update — the Department of Homeland Security Takes on President Trump

The Next American Civil War is Upon Us

President Trump and the Runaway Judiciary: The Founders Have Provided the Remedy

‘Muslim ban’ injunction is a judicial coup against President Trump

The Pussycons Fret About Donald Trump

GOP UNWISELY EMBRACES OBAMACARE ‘REPAIR’ An ill-advised strategy from pollster Frank Luntz.

Reaping the Whirlwind

High Court Hopefuls: Superstars, Every One

Here’s Why Voter Fraud is So Difficult to Fight

The New Democrat Party – Deadbeat Nazi Communists

Horowitz: How to Stop the Progressive Movement

Saul Alinsky Leaves the White House

United We Fall

The Trump Dossier Puts the Deep State in Deep Doo-Doo




The Real Foreign Interference

Reclaiming the Bill of Rights

The new Red Scare

Flag Burners…You HAVE Been Warned

Stop Using National Credit Cards! Just Pay Our Bills!

Is the Globalist Paradigm Shift Underway?


The ‘Fake News’ Con: A Case Study

Some Elites Think We Should Get Rid of States. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Fear the Voting Dead

Why George Washington Happily Chose to Violate the Separation of Church and State

Time for Donald to Prove It! Drain the Swamp Starting with Hillary!

Watching the Snowflakes Melt

The MSM Is Right: There Is a Racist Party in America

George Soros Can Be Charged With Treason and Sedition

The Soros Media Machine

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Final Countdown for the GOP?

An Alexis de Tocqueville for Our Time

UN’s “New Urban Agenda” to Assault Liberty in a City Near You

Yes, There Is a Coup On in America!

America’s “Two-Party System” Has Jumped The Shark

Is Washington Government Worse than King George?

The Second Civil War Is Underway

Obama on Course to Set a New Regulation Page Count Record in His Last Year

Another Made to Order Great Depression?

Hillary Clinton Flunks Economics 101

When Zombies, Aliens, and Felons Steal Our Votes

Boycott Leftism

Hillary Wants to be America’s Queen

Income Taxes: Unconstitutional Government Theft of our Private Property

Obama Has Become the Greatest Con Man of All-Time

America’s Exceptionalism: Education

Obama’s Sick Plan: Give Away the Internet, Open Borders, Welcome Sharia Law!

A Continuing Resolution to Increase Government and Debt

The FBI Investigation of EmailGate Was a Sham

The Mark of Soros: Charlotte, North Carolina

Proof of Hillary’s Cover-Up Discovered by Citizen-Journalist!

Has Texas Begun their “War for Independence”?

A Completely New Model For Education.


Obama Was the Original Birther

Washington’s Endgame: First Your Guns, Then Your Cash

“Pay-for-Play” Organizations and What “We the People” Need to Do

Clinton Crime Family of Democrat Corruption

The Alien and Sedition Act circa: 2016

Diving Into The Democrats’ Dirty History


The 15th Amendment does not protect the right of illegal immigrants to vote

Honest Hillary and a Corrupted FBI

A Virginia elections ‘official’ told me to vote for Hillary—twice

Meet the GOP billionaire behind LGBT push

Whither Social Conservatism?

Do Not Trust Trump to Leverage the Second Amendment Against the Fifth and Fourteenth

Time Will Vindicate Ted Cruz

How Democrats Steal Elections

How the GOP Senate Is Boosting Obama’s Judicial Legacy

Why Judges are Incapable of Ruling on the Second Amendment.

The Law Is Dying because Morality Is Dying

Alinsky Rules For Radicals: Obama Has Almost Finished The Job!

The Real Issue of Gun Control

America’s Actual Biggest Lawbreaker

Hillary was always going to get off the hook

5 Things You Need to Know About the Defense Department’s New Gender Identity Policy

Employment: Barack Obama’s Greatest Myth

Hillary and Bill Clinton Trivia!

The Insidious Power of the Media Disinformation Campaign for Hillary Clinton

Americans Deserve A Presidential Recall Option

Obama Plans His Own Retirement, Vetoes Bill to Repeal Fiduciary Rule

Medicare: The Ponzi Scheme That Keeps Restricting Americans’ Healthcare Options

The Unreasonable Opposition to Justice Reform in the Senate


Abolish the Department of Justice

A Part-time Law Lecturer vs. the Constitution

Is the green’s ‘Daddy Warbucks’ helping the planet or himself?

My Country Was of Thee

Trump and Hillary…One and the Same

When the White House Lies to the Media, and Laughs Doing It

Trump, the Republican Party, and the Future of Conservatism

The Republican Party Died Long Before Trump

Yes Rush there is a Conservative Party U.S.A.

It Doesn’t have to be just Trump vs. Hillary

The Obama recovery that wasn’t Families are no longer fooled by ‘hope and change’ happy talk

That Persistent Conservative Majority

2016, the year of idealism, nihilism and obliviousness.

Isn’t It Grand: Three Anti-Capitalist Candidates for the USA

Defunding the Marxist Madrassas

The Nature of a Career Politician

The End Game

The Fascist Persuasion in American Politics

A Crisis for the Right: Conservatism or Nationalist Populism

I’ll Stand With the Constitutional Conservative

Just say no to Obama’s midnight regulations

Bugs Bunny Was Right…What a Maroon

Are Liberals Liable for Americans Dying?

Standing Up to the Ruling Class!

Is the GOP Worth Saving?

Republican Establishment the Next Whig Party

Why I am Supporting Ted Cruz for President

The Long History of Government Meddling in the American Marketplac


Those Who Ignore History…

Hitler Mussolini FDR and Obama

Democrat Strategy: It’s all Trump

Did Justice Scalia Already Give Us the Solution to the Problem of Filling His Seat?

Mark Levin: Trump a ‘Radical Kook,’ ‘Close to Being 9/11 Truther’

31 of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s Greatest Quotes

It is a two man race now.

The Smith Project: What Voters Want

Recapping the Hawkeye Cauci

Conservatives need to remember the Constitution in 2016!

The Real Ted Cruz

Trump Goes Full McConnell on Cruz

The Left’s Endgame Hits the Wall

Stealing America: What My Experience with Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party

The Revolution We Need

RIP Republican Party

Obama’s Deal With the Devil…Part 3 of 3

Obama’s Deal With the Devil…Part 2 of 3

Reprieve! Binding Paris Treaty Now Voluntary Mush

Obama’s Deal With the Devil…Part 1 of 3

It’s Time For ‘Background Checks’ on Journalists

Liberal Politicians are Responsible for Mass Shootings

Obama’s Sunday Night Speech Rife with Lies and Hypocrisy!

US Constitution Says Majority of Washington Politicians Guilty of Treason

It’s Time to Arm American Citizens

The GOP Reset Button: ‘You’re Fired!’

What Do Yale, Missou, Alinksy, Cloward-Piven and Obama’s Organizing for Action Add Up To?

Is America on Its Way to Fascism?

Why Kids Can’t Read

Useful Idiots Gone Wild

Voting Rules at a Convention of the States By Rob Natelson

Who Could Doubt the President’s Obvious Faith? By Jeffrey T. Brown]

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