Conservative National Coalition Webinar

Conservative National Coalition Webinar

Reclaiming our Liberties and Stopping the Federal Overreach: Nullification and Interposition

WHAT: Educational Webinar on Nullification and Interposition

WHO: Conservative National Coalition (CNC)

WHEN: Saturday, November 21, 12-2pm EST

HOW: Sign up at or by clicking here!

WHY: The webinar will generate a national discussion about ways and means to unite Conservatives into opposing the recent SCOTUS ruling that forced gay marriage on the American people by peaceful civil disobedience that stops gay marriage at the city, county and state levels. 

Have you had enough of the federal government’s overreach?  Do you want to take a stand for traditional values, personal liberties, and economic freedom?

The Conservative National Coalition will host an online public forum (“webinar”) to educate citizens on various ways that conservatives can combat the federal Leviathan, including the Executive branch, the bureaucracies, and an out-of-control Supreme Court that respects no limits to its power!

The webinar will emceed by Beth Schoeneberg (, and is open to the public.

What is Nullification?

Nullification and Interposition are two legal concepts which conservatives can utilize and popularize to begin to reclaim their liberties.  Nullification is the doctrine that States can “nullify” unconstitutional federal edicts.  Conservatives must engage in peaceful civil disobedience that rejects government mandated rules or regulations on gay marriage, abortion and other Christian moral issues.

What is Interposition?

Interposition is the concept that calls for conservatives to form their own sanctuary cities, counties and states to create a Conservative National Coalition (CNC).  CNC will operate in accordance strong conservative values and cooperate with each other in direct opposition to Federal dictates regarding gay marriage, illegal immigration, taxation, Second Amendment Rights, abortion, etc.

To sign up for the webinar, click here.  All media inquiries should kindly be directed to

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